We exist for art and music and performance. The only known antidote for all manner of 21st Century afflictions. There is no method to our madness. This is a malleable space. A shapeshifting shrine to all that is unholy. Where creativity and concepts come to life. From all consuming Belgian Waffle Burlesque to amp expanding Deep Space Synth. And everything in between. There are no limits. No parameters.No end to the spectrum. It’s eclectic exhibitionism. A stimulating scene. Totally original. Undeniably invigorating. Utterly iconic.

Our Doctrine

A half butchered, Tom Wolfe style musing on how art and music are less of an intellectual or material affair, and more an integral part of life in civilised society.

Make of that what you will.

Your Space

Far from an uninspiring concrete box that looks like a soviet tractor factory in a satin ruff, our shapeshifting cube will take any form you can dream up.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll help deliver a wholly unholy experience those in attendance will never quite recover from.

Agents & Artists

We like to make things nice and easy. It’s why we put ourselves squarely in the thick of things. Just a short stroll (or even shorter Uber) from Sydney’s most infamous and iconic venues.