Astral People RNGD present

Blawan (Live)
Sat 09/12

Plus: Crescendoll B2B Merph, Hybrid Man (Live), D-Grade
Doors open 9pm

One of the most significant electronic producers of the now – Blawan has created a universe within techno all of his own. 

Saturday December 9th at Liberty Hall, experience a genius of modular synthesis as he brings his coveted live show to Sydney for a special night of bewildering sonic adventure.

Blawan has consistently redefined his sound and perfected his craft. Emerging from the post-dubstep movement, he has become a key leader of the industrial techno revival with popularity that extends well beyond the dance music sphere.

Forever adventurous in approach, his discography illuminates a natural fluency for rhythm, whether straight, stridently syncopated, or swinging somewhere in between. From rippling jet-black minimalism, jubilant two-step vocal cuts, and savant grooving techno, the labels Blawan has worked with are appropriately varied: Hessle Audio, R&S, Clone’s Basement Series, Hinge Finger, and Black Sun, The Trilogy Tapesand Avian. Other aliases, Kilner and Bored Young Adults, like his collaborations with Pariah as Karenn and with Surgeon as Trade, have provided additional bandwidth for experimentation.

Bringing it to you live. Surrounded by a tangled pile of patches and a stack of analogue gear, watch the master manoeuvre through dark, gritty twists and turns and pulsing grooves. A thrilling showcase of electronic music’s potential.

Not to be outdone, some of Australia’s finest will keep the energy elevated. A nonstop night of frenetic unpredictable vibrations brought to you by Naarm’s own hardware scientists Hybrid Man (Live), a mind-altering pairing of Merph B2B Crescendoll and the bossy, emotive stylings of D-Grade.

A massive night of cutting-edge dance music. Don’t miss this!