Full Circle present

Duskus & Willo
Sat 27/4

Support: Polar
Doors open 10pm

From being continents apart, an online friendship is about to cement itself as a steamer of a party. The UK’s Duskus and Eora native Willo are set to fire up the boilers for a B2B cook-up never seen before in Eora & Naarm.

Influenced profoundly by the visual elements of the great outdoors, Duskus will transform the dance floor into a playground of rich 4×4 house, accompanied by blood-and-thunder kicks and warm melodies. Meanwhile, Willo’s going to back it up with the fruits of her inspiration, hanging a warbling baseline over nostalgic-house style beats to keep you glued to the floor.

A match made in heaven, this B2B ain’t gonna miss!