TIHISB Productions present

Hot Potato Band
Sun 01/12

Doors open 7pm

Hot Potato Band’s larger-than-life brass collective is a breath of fresh air with a focus on setting the bar for energetic and interactive musical performances. They continue to explore the sonic possibilities of acoustic instrumentation as they schedule the release of their third studio album this December. Finding home in Sydney, Australia, the collective have spent the last 10 years independently curating and touring shows across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

HPB is un-bound by genres, stages and audiences. They have reinvented the traditional brass band as a modern day dance machine and visual spectacle to complement their strong sense of pride for their fun-loving, organic, and quirky musical nature.

Be sure to find Hot Potato Band’s new song and album releases on your preferred streaming platform before attending the show: www.hotpotatoband.com/stream