Astral People present

Summer Dance
Sat 24/2

Doors open 3pm

In the rollercoaster of mixed emotions, Summer Dance is covering all bases from chaos to love.

On Saturday February 24th, we’re unleashing our favourite brothers onto The Courts as the New Zealand duo, Chaos in the CBD, lay their mellow-infused house like a blanket over our open-air, daytime affair.

Like the sun, Jennifer Loveless will be heating up the courts as she dives into the pocket. And to set the pace for the marathon, is Eora’s favorite, Cleo!

As the sun takes its final bow and nightfall sweeps in, Summer Dance AFTER DARK is set to keep the party alive.

Inside Liberty Hall’s custom-built club spectacle, a true bromance reaches its peak. A mutation of sounds as heavyweights Sam Alfred and Club Angel collide their sounds in a monstrous B2B.

But it wouldn’t be a bonfire without a fire starter. In fact, we may need two. All the way from Manchester, the godfather of breakbeat garage, Zed Bias, will be serving nothing but nourishing sounds to a hungry crowd. With Eora powerhouse Kai Lover opening the night, giving us that toe-tapping, feel-good house everyone orders for the table.